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Professional 7 meters high Tripod rig.

Our Apex rig is ideal for someone looking for an easy to assemble and lightweight rig to transport either to perform at events, travel with, as it will fit in most cars or to leave setup at home. 

Designed from Australian made structural aluminium this rig, while lightweight with each leg only weighing 3.2kg is extremely sturdy and can handle drops and dynamic loads with ease.

The steel header weighs in at 4kg and is only 22cm high and 25cm at the base. It has 1 stainless steel eyebolt to connect your apparatus or pulley system and being powder coated means it is safe to leave setup in all weather.

Footprint 6m x 5.4m
Rig weight 65kg
Height adjustable 4.2m, 5.6m and 7m
MBL 1200kg  
Leg length 150cm

Included Rig Components:

  • Steel Header with stainless steel attachment point
  • 15 Aluminium legs
  • 15 Aluminium leg connectors
  • 30 lock pins
  • 3 Steel feet
  • Strap for securing base of rig

Can be left setup outside as the rig is weather resistant 

Pulley System include: 11mm static rope, 2 x ISC double pulleys, 2 x carabiners, Figure 8

The ISC rope grab is a faster and easier way to tie off your pulley system 

 Apex rig is only compatible with a 4:1 pulley system.

All equipment is custom made, please allow up to 4-8 weeks before dispatch 

Use of equipment from Gold Coast Aerial Rigs is at your own risk and you are responsible for your own safety. We recommend to always use a crash mat and it is assumed that the buyer understands improper use of the equipment that Gold Coast Aerial Rigs sells can result in injury.  Always check and maintain your gear before each use. 

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