1. Mini rig
1. Mini rig

1. Mini rig

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Add Pulley system

Free standing Aerial rig

4 meters high

MBL 1500kg

WLL 150k

Footprint 3.4m x 3.2m

Easy setup

No tools required for setup

All equipment is custom made, please allow up to 4-8 weeks before dispatch 

Use of equipment from Gold Coast Aerial Rigs is at your own risk and you are responsible for your own safety. We recommend to always use a crash mat and it is assumed that the buyer understands improper use of the equipment that Gold Coast Aerial Rigs sells can result in injury.  Always check and maintain your gear before each use. 

Powder coated coloured rigs offer better rust protection if you want to leave set up outside permanently but require you to handle with care if you intend to set them up and down more frequently as not to scratch the powder coat.

Our Galvanised rigs can be left outside, however any painted sections (welds, rigging plate) will need a touch up occasionally with a zinc based spray paint available from any hardware.